Where Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Meets Passion And Pop Cultures

Introduction: Identity Digitized: A New Form In Verifying Human Culture And Passion

Ethereum: A Brief History: The Introduction

Ethereum Has Revolutionized The Blockchain Sphere Through Its Smart Contract And Infrastructure Innovations

Ethereum is arguably one of the most influential blockchain ecosystems that has been created in the entirety of cryptocurrency (many, including myself, would argue that Ethereum has had more influence on the expansion of the blockchain ecosystem than Bitcoin). Ethereum was released on July 30th, 2015, over five years ago and has revolutionized the blockchain sphere ever since. Ethereum is a decentralized open-source blockchain which features smart contract functionality which in return, enables other blockchain start up projects to be developed and expanded upon Ethereum’s blockchain. The creator of Ethereum is a man by…

Darkness In Subtleties: The Silk Road

A Brief History Of The Dark Web: The Stain Of Sin Upon Bitcoin

As the United States Primary Election has the world gripped in uncertainty, a specific news story associated with blockchain has gone completely under the radar; this story emphasizes the unfortunate amalgamation of cryptocurrency and the Silk Road. For viewers unfamiliar with the Silk Road, like the Ancient Silk Road, it is a series of trade networks where individuals can trade services and products, with one vital component that differentiates these two networks. …

It Is Incumbent To Understand What And How DeFi Works In The Blockchain Sphere

Introduction: The Intricacies Of DeFi

The Paradigm For Global Payments Is About To Transition To A 21st Century Digital Model

Introduction: An International Institute For Intercontinental Payments:

Band Has Now Been Implemented Into The ICON Ecosystem Through Numerous Different D-apps!

Band Protocol: The Blockchain Agnostic Decentralized Oracle Paradigm

The Band Protocol has amassed massive attention in recent months and it is incumbent to concisely describe the services and unprecedented technology that Band has to offer the blockchain sphere. To begin, Band Protocol is a decentralized blockchain agnostic oracle solution that enables real-world data and information to be stored via the blockchain outside their native networks. The necessity of real-world data implementation cannot be overstated; oracles, in essence, connect blockchain ecosystems to real world systems that provides innumerable, accurate data obtainment and global data transference. …

In The 21st Century, Your Data Is At Risk Of Being Breached: Oasis Nullifies This Notion

An Oasis In A Desert Of Vulnerable Data: The Oasis Protocol

Throughout the last twenty five years we have seen companies and political entities destroying our privacy through the vulnerability of data on the internet; companies and political institutions leverage this loophole in the internet to steal our information and sell them to third parties, the Oasis Protocol aims to nullify this notion. The Oasis Protocol aims to protect individual user’s data while allowing for new use-cases and applications surrounding DeFi and data. The Oasis Protocol is developing and contributing to a decentralized and permissionless blockchain platform that emphasizes security…

Matic Aims To Solve Scalability Through PoS Sidechains

Illmatic: What is Matic Network?

One of the major issues surrounding cryptocurrency and blockchain mass adoption is the lack of scalability throughout the entirety of the blockchain sphere: Matic looks to remedy this dilemma. Matic Network is looking to bring massive scalability to the Ethereum ecosystem and infrastructure through the usage of Plasma amalgamated with PoS side chains. Decentralized Applications, aside from DeFi, is one of the most prominent features of decentralized blockchain networks, however, many blockchains haven’t been able to scale to meet the demand of these d’apps. Matic aims to conceive of a paradigm of seamless interaction between…

Mass Adoption Will Occur When Blockchain Can Scale To Necessary TPS: Solana Embodies This Notion

Solana: The Warp Speed Blockchain: What is Solana?

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Hello, my name is Corey Costa! Blockchain Enthusiast, Long Live Cryptocurrency, Decentralize The World! I also have a passion for Poetry! Opinions are my own.

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