Introduction: Inflation And Economics

Inflation Has Been A Major Topic Of Discussion Globally Specifically In The United States, But What Is Inflation?

Our globalized and homogenized economy has witnessed excessive inflation since the The Great Recession which began in 2008 and its impact cannot be overstated, but what is inflation? Inflation, by definition, is the process of sustained increasing costs over a period of time. Inflation occurs when a currency like the dollar or the Euro loses value over the course of a specific time-frame: simultaneously, goods begin to rise resulting from this economic occurrence. Inflation, over the course of the last forty years, has seen substantial debate where participants have argued its negative elements as much as…

Introduction: Blockchain Technology Exacerbate Climate Change?

Aergo Intends On Being A Net-Zero Carbon Blockchain By 2030, With A Mandate That Block Producers Must Be Net-Carbon Zero.

It is evident that the utilization of energy has become a focal, social and political issue that has become a topic of discussion for the last half-century and has expanded well into the 21st century. Recently, there has been massive argument surrounding the efficiency of blockchain and how/if Proof-Of-Work exacerbates an already fragile climate. Blockchain has unfortunately utilized the same amount of energy as 159 individual nations; from a global perspective, that is roughly 75% of all nations that exist on the Earth: a staggering statistic indeed.

AERGO is looking to solve this issue…

Introduction: The Cryptocurrency Mining Carbon Emissions Political Discussion

As Cryptocurrencies Garner Mainstream Coverage, A Specific Environmental And Political Issue Has Spawned: How Does Cryptocurrency Mining Affect Climate?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have been making headlines over the past year, garnering mainstream adoption and attention for a variety of reasons. One specific issue has garnered massive political attention from some of the most influential and powerful people in the world and that issue is “how does cryptocurrency mining and creation affect the environment? Elon Musk, the wealthiest man in the world and founder of SpaceX, Tesla and Neuralink, has publicly stated his stance on cryptocurrency; Musk believes that cryptocurrency possesses a bright future, but believes it yields a massive carbon…

A Bio: My Specifications

Greetings to the AERGO Community! My name is Corey Costa, and I have been recently hired by the AERGO Foundation to write insightful and consistent articles surrounding events and technical specifications in the AERGO Ecosystem. I am no stranger to blockchain and cryptocurrency, as I entered the space in May of 2017. My cryptocurrency journey began with investment and has expanded into building different communities. In July of 2018, I started my journey at Sharder Protocol, which was a distributed storage solution based out of China. I became their Head Writer and a Telegram Administrator for…

Immutable, Trustless And Immune To Fraud: The Blockchain Expansion Of Democratic Republicanism

Introduction: The Great Fraud: Blockchain’s Rectification

The Inception Of NFT’s Has Created A Craze: Will It Last And Have NFT’s Progressed Beyond Just Hype?

NFT’s Have Sold For Millions: So Did ICO’s In 2017: Can We Draw A Fair Comparison?

Introduction: Hype vs. Utility: Which Foundational Ethos Causes The Transcendence of Blockchain Ecosystems?

Throughout the history of blockchain, it has become more and more evident and obvious that hype is a cornerstone of a blockchain ecosystems success, specifically surrounding token price and awareness of the project. Ethereum’s infrastructure smart contract code capabilities transformed the zeitgeist of blockchain, enabling different projects to be built on Ethereum. This notion conceived of the “Great ICO Bubble Of 2017” which led to new projects skyrocketing in…

Where Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Meets Passion And Pop Cultures

Introduction: Identity Digitized: A New Form In Verifying Human Culture And Passion

Ethereum: A Brief History: The Introduction

Ethereum Has Revolutionized The Blockchain Sphere Through Its Smart Contract And Infrastructure Innovations

Ethereum is arguably one of the most influential blockchain ecosystems that has been created in the entirety of cryptocurrency (many, including myself, would argue that Ethereum has had more influence on the expansion of the blockchain ecosystem than Bitcoin). Ethereum was released on July 30th, 2015, over five years ago and has revolutionized the blockchain sphere ever since. Ethereum is a decentralized open-source blockchain which features smart contract functionality which in return, enables other blockchain start up projects to be developed and expanded upon Ethereum’s blockchain. The creator of Ethereum is a man by…

Darkness In Subtleties: The Silk Road

A Brief History Of The Dark Web: The Stain Of Sin Upon Bitcoin

As the United States Primary Election has the world gripped in uncertainty, a specific news story associated with blockchain has gone completely under the radar; this story emphasizes the unfortunate amalgamation of cryptocurrency and the Silk Road. For viewers unfamiliar with the Silk Road, like the Ancient Silk Road, it is a series of trade networks where individuals can trade services and products, with one vital component that differentiates these two networks. …

It Is Incumbent To Understand What And How DeFi Works In The Blockchain Sphere

Introduction: The Intricacies Of DeFi

Corey Costa- Aergo/Catena

Hello, my name is Corey Costa! Blockchain Enthusiast, Long Live Cryptocurrency, Decentralize The World! I also have a passion for Poetry! Opinions are my own.

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