My Introduction: An AERGO Content Writer!

A Bio: My Specifications

Greetings to the AERGO Community! My name is Corey Costa, and I have been recently hired by the AERGO Foundation to write insightful and consistent articles surrounding events and technical specifications in the AERGO Ecosystem. I am no stranger to blockchain and cryptocurrency, as I entered the space in May of 2017. My cryptocurrency journey began with investment and has expanded into building different communities. In July of 2018, I started my journey at Sharder Protocol, which was a distributed storage solution based out of China. I became their Head Writer and a Telegram Administrator for the team. My articles were featured on CCN releases approved by the Sharder Council. At this time period I also wrote a voluntary article about the ICON Ecosystem, which garnered attention from their CEO and founder Min Kim. By Min Kim sharing the article, the pieces has garnered over 12,000 views since its inception in August of 2018. As my journey at Sharder came to an end, I joined the ICON Ecosystem.

First ICON Ambassador: A Public Representative

In June of 2019, I became very interested in the ICON Ecosystem’s newest development, they were becoming decentralized where public representatives would determine how the decentralized ecosystem operated and validated transactions. In June of 2019, I was hired as ICON’s First Ambassador, the certificate is actually saved on the blockchain “ICON Ambassador Certificate.” At this time, I moderated Public Representative discussion panels within the ICON Network, implemented the Founder of ICON, Min Kim and other extremely prominent crypto YouTubers such as Ian Balina, Peter Saddington, Crypto Lark, Crypto Beadles and many more. I was named on numerous occasions the Top ICON Influencer and have been on over four public representatives teams promoting ICON since June of 2019 as their first ICON Ambassador and also, a member of their public representative ecosystem.

Gokshtein Media: My Biggest Podcast With David Gokshtein

In October of 2020, I had a podcast with David Gokshtein surrounding the intricacies of ICON. My podcast with David was the largest podcast I ever had, and to this day, the podcast is still garnering views and has reached approximately 13,000 views. I’ve also facilitated discussions between David and the Founder of ICON Min Kim in the past as well. Fond of our discussion, I was hired as a technical writer. I wrote about PayPal’s integration of cryptocurrency into their platform, DeFi and also, smart contracts on Ethereum. I stayed with the company for about three months as in January of 2021 I began my student teaching practicum. I graduated with a Masters in Teaching Adolescent Education/Social Studies with a 3.85 and my B.A. is in History and I was the only student in my graduating class who received a 4.0 “Summa Cum Laude” title.

My Journey With AERGO: Just The Beginning

I Am Proud To Announce That I Have Been Hired As One Of AERGO’S Community Writers

As of July 1st, I am officially part of the AERGO Team as a technical and community writer! I will be responsible for articles that discuss the intricacies of AERGO in a broader and narrow cryptocurrency and blockchain standpoint. I truly look forward to serve the community of AERGO. Assemble AERGO Community!

Hello, my name is Corey Costa! Blockchain Enthusiast, Long Live Cryptocurrency, Decentralize The World! I also have a passion for Poetry! Opinions are my own.