Protection Of Data: The Oasis Paradigm

In The 21st Century, Your Data Is At Risk Of Being Breached: Oasis Nullifies This Notion

An Oasis In A Desert Of Vulnerable Data: The Oasis Protocol

Throughout the last twenty five years we have seen companies and political entities destroying our privacy through the vulnerability of data on the internet; companies and political institutions leverage this loophole in the internet to steal our information and sell them to third parties, the Oasis Protocol aims to nullify this notion. The Oasis Protocol aims to protect individual user’s data while allowing for new use-cases and applications surrounding DeFi and data. The Oasis Protocol is developing and contributing to a decentralized and permissionless blockchain platform that emphasizes security of ones data. Oasis is aiming to support projects that emphasize a privacy-first internet and application paradigm. Remember, the more time we spend on the internet your data becomes more and more vulnerable; Oasis wants to fix that.

Oasis Utilizes Secured Computing To Emphasize And Ensure The Security Of User Data

Blockchain Decentralized Structure: Leveraging Blockchain To Ensure Data Security

The decentralized structure of blockchain technology has assisted in protecting user-data from centralized institutions or lone hackers that aim to steal your data. Oasis provides users and developers specific kits that enable individuals to develop privacy oriented applications. To add, Oasis Protocol aims to allow users to send their information/data to another party with the assurance that that specific information won’t be leaked to other third parties. Even when data is in use, Oasis flaunts technological innovation that assures that your data is safe and sound. It is also important to note that the Oasis Protocol is a cloud based network as well.

Data Breaches Over The Last Ten Years: Why Is The Oasis Protocol Necessary?

Remember The Equifax Hack That Exposed 143 Million U.S. Consumers’s Data? This Is Why We Need Oasis

The internet is broken when it comes to data privacy and security, and we can see this proven true in 2017 when Equifax exposed approximately 40% of the entire United States population’s data to the world. Equifax explained that hackers obtained consumers social security numbers, bank account information, birthdates and personal home addresses, further proving the notion that the Oasis Protocol is needed to assure users that their data is safe from being exposed. According to CNBC “since 2010, data breaches have exposed over 38 billion records, according to the cybersecurity firm Risk Based Security. That sounds like a lot — and it is. Consider this: there are roughly 327 million Americans, according to the latest Census estimate. That means the average person has had 116 of their accounts compromised over the past decade. (Source: Think about that, 38 billion records of data; that is more than five times the entire human population on planet Earth. These are the reasons why solutions like Oasis Protocol are so necessary to ensure that individuals data is secure from third parties.

Conclusion: Oasis: A Solution In A Desert Of Vulnerability

A Safer Internet: A Better World: Oasis

The exploitation of individuals data is one of the most problematic issues facing users of the internet; for too long has our privacy been destroyed and exposed because of the folly and lack of innovation of centralized entities and governmental institutions. Oasis aims to provide solutions to secure individuals data through their platform. In a world where everything is seen, our data must remain unseen; this is the Oasis Paradigm.

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