The Blockchain Agnostic Decentralized Oracle: Band Protocol

Band Protocol – Medium
The Band Protocol Enables Blockchain’s To Interconnect Real World Data And API’s To Smart Contracts
Ubik Capital Will Be Running A Node For The Band Protocol Within The ICON Ecosystem
Tracking Real World Events: Tamper Proof Via The Blockchain
The Inclusivity Of Data Transference Is A Necessity If Blockchain Will Be Mass Adopted
The Band Protocol Provides Incentivization To Developers
The BandChain Will Be Accompanied By The BAND Token Which Has A Variety Of Use Cases
The Cross-Chain Paradigm



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Corey Costa- Aergo/

Corey Costa- Aergo/

Hello, my name is Corey Costa! Blockchain Enthusiast, Long Live Cryptocurrency, Decentralize The World! I also have a passion for Poetry! Opinions are my own.