The Shakita Inu Paradigm: Meme With Function

Shakita Inu Is A Meme Coin Cryptocurrency Like No Other

Introduction: The Great Phenomenon: What Is Shakita Inu? The Basics

The cryptocurrency and blockchain spheres has seen numerous ethos’s that create long standing trends that have conceived of new waves of investors to enter this arena. One of these themes and trends is the memecoin phenomenon, spearheaded by Elon Musk and his avid promotion of Dogecoin earlier this year. As time progressed, we have seen Elon promote numerous different cryptocurrency meme coins such as Shiba Inu and Floki, but there is a new cryptocurrency memecoin under the radar with massive utility, deflationary tokenomics, a strong community, NFTs, a side scrolling 2D game that rewards community members and many exchange listings and discussions on the horizon, and this project is known as Shakita Inu. Shakita Inu has proclaimed itself as the Shib Killer, which is ironic as it is also described as the “Golden Child of Shiba & Akita” on the main website. It looks like we have a Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker type of scenario in the memecoin world! Who will win, only time will tell but we’re betting on Shakita Inu.

Shakita Inu is a community focused cryptocurrency created on August 9th, 2021 by lead developer Crypto Jesus. Within Shakita Inu, community members are always entered in a lottery to earn Shakita Inu tokens every time a specific price target has been hit; thousands of dollars have already been given to community members through a lottery system devised by Crypto Jesus, rewarding the community on a consistent basis. I want to also reference that Crypto Jesus, the Founder, had to also purchase his own tokens in what is called a “fair allocation launch”, which means that no tokens were allocated to him directly, he had to buy them like the rest of us. Large sums of tokens were not sent to anybody, emphasizing an early anti-whale mechanism. Unlike Shiba Inu, who sent huge sums of coins to Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, who inevitably dumped his stack on investors, Shakita emphasized an anti-whale mechanism to prevent this occurance. The main focus of Shakita Inu, surrounding price appreciation, is to achieve a one dollar valuation before Doge or Shib, and when that target is hit, a random holder will be rewarded one million dollars (yes one million) through this lottery system. Shakita Inu is also a BSC (Binance Smart Chain) cryptocurrency, so the worry of excessive Ethereum gas fees can be forgotten. Many cryptocurrency memecoins have questionable tokenomics, utility and developmental expertise, but with Shakita Inu, these questions are put to rest.

Tokenomics: The Importance Of Deflation

Ask Yourself This Question: How Important Is Deflation

Throughout history, rapid inflation has caused a rampant decline of thousands of currencies within our human civilization; cryptocurrency is not immune to such notions of monetary rule of law. There are many cryptocurrencies that exist whose inflation outweigh their deflationary tokenomics; Shakita Inu embodies the notion of deflation. Shakita Inu has a 0% buying tax, however, whenever anybody sells their Shakita, 4% of that sell is burned from the supply, forever and it is incumbent to reference that Shakita Inu, unlike other memecoins supply, has their entire supply already in circulation. At the time of this article 8.35 billion Shakita Inu tokens are in circulation and that is the total supply, with consistent burns occurring. Did you know that in the last few weeks alone, over $400,000 worth of Shakita Inu was burned from the supply, or roughly 535 million Shakita Inu tokens in total and since August 9th, approximately 1.65 billion coins have been burned? When individuals sell their Shakita Inu tokens, 1% goes to the game rewards, 2% for NFT farming, 3% for marketing costs, and 4% for token burning. Now why would 1% go to game rewards and 2% for NFT farming, well, Shakita is a project that consistently rewards their community through lotteries and soon, an endless 2D runner style game for the community and NFT ventures are also in the works for Shakita Inu as well!

The Shakita Inu Game: Rewarding Community Members

Rewards Upon Rewards Upon Rewards

Everybody likes rewards, and that is exactly what is going to happen once the community game is launched in late November. Community members can compete against each other on the leaderboards on a 2D endless runner side-scrolling game and earn Shakita Inu tokens for positioning higher in the leaderboards! Community members can challenge each other and reap Shak rewards for playing the game, and it is important to reference that this game will also be released in conjunction with another very prominent community and gaming platform in the space (TBA), garnering more attention to the Shakita Inu community and the project as a whole. If it isn’t evident enough, this project rewards its community, something many cryptocurrency projects fail to do; in any industry, community is the cornerstone of the evolution of a product, company or organization.

Competitive Advantage In Technology And Investor Prospect: The Shakita Inu Leverage

There Are Many Competitive Advantages That Shakita Inu Has Over Its Competitors

Shakita Inu has deflationary economics, and all of the tokens that will ever be in circulation are already circulating within the market; absolutely no new tokens will ever be minted, and Shakita Inu tokens will consistently be burned over the course of time through its sell tax mechanism. Shakita Inu also has one of the lowest market capitalizations in comparison to other “cousin” cryptocurrencies, providing massive room for investor advantage and monetary upward appreciation. Shakita Inu’s investors benefit from the consistent lottery system, the availability to garner rewards through the upcoming game and also, NFT collectibles that will be launched coinciding with the project as well very soon! Shakita Inu also boasts economic leverage from an investment prospect. It is one of the few dog oriented coins that are not exclusive to Ethereum, rather, Shakita Inu is built on the BSC chain, providing investors an opportunity to not have to pay exorbitant amounts of gas fees to garner Shakita Inu coins. Shakita Inu provides investors unique opportunities to garner free rewards in the form of Shakita Inu tokens, and this is one of the focal components that make Shakita Inu a competitive alternative to other memecoin cryptocurrencies. Lastly, it is important to reference that Shakita Inu has a substantially lower supply than many of its competitors such as Shiba Inu, which has a total supply of one quadrillion, with only 394 billion in circulating supply, and Doge Coin that has 131 billion in supply.

The Roadmap Of The Shakita: Development Upon Development

Shakita Inu Has A Comprehensive Roadmap That Has Continuously Met Its Goals

Since its inception on August 9th, Shakita Inu has had massive success in achieving its roadmap goals in a timely manner. During the first phase, Shakita was a “fair launch” project, which created a paradigm of fair game economics where the developers had to purchase the coin just like investors. Shakita Inu was launched on DODO DEX in the very beginning and soon after, his monetary valuation skyrocketed during phase two of the roadmap. In phase two, in a matter of hours, Shakita Inu rose 50x in monetary valuation, a staggering increase in such a small duration of time and after this phase, phase three was on the horizon, and Shakita Inu’s relaunch was born. In phase three, Baby Shakita Inu turned into Shakita Inu, now grown up with over 2000 holders of the cryptocurrency in less than one and a half months time. In phase four, the current phase, the expectation is that Shakita Inu will garner over 5000 holders, and this holder count has already been surpassed by miles! Shakita Inu already has 8500 holders. During this phase, Shakita Inu was listed on both Coingecko and Coinmarketcap without a developer request; volume and market capitalization was enough to convince these tracking websites to list Shakita Inu! The last phase, phase five, will incorporate the 2D game, NFT collectibles and over ten thousand holders and at the current rate Shakita is garnering holders, this can happen in a little over a weeks time; this is an extremely ambitious and comprehensive roadmap, but it will be achieved.

Conclusion: A Project: A Community: A Coin With Purpose: A Transparent Leader

A Coin With Purpose Is A Coin With Value

Throughout the history of cryptocurrency, specifically during this memecoin phenomenon, one must ask themselves if a cryptocurrency has a potential future value based on not only being a “fun community cryptocurrency” but one that creates value for investors and the community. A hard working community, whose insatiable desire is to build success for a project, is like a a tram that creates a well oiled machine; when all the parts work together, the machine runs with perfection, and without error. Shakita emphasizes such notions through their burning mechanisms, consistent community rewards in the form of lotteries and monetary gain when playing the soon to be released Shakita Inu game. Not only is the cryptocurrency filled with utility, but the founder, Crypto Jesus, is a transparent and ambitious leader who has numerous visions for this project, and for great reason; his insatiable desire for this coins purpose to be realized cannot be overstated. Utility is the cornerstone of purpose, and Shakita Inu is one of the few memecoins that actually has a real purpose and value proposition from a tokenomics standpoint to a reward standpoint. I want to state that, in the last three weeks alone, we have seen a parabolic 100x rise in token valuation, and a rise from 1500 holders, to 8500 holders. We have an exchange on the horizon, which will be announced tomorrow, November 3rd, and two to possibly three more exchanges in the works for the month of Nobember. If this is not progress, I don’t know what is. This is Shak, the Shakita of Inu.

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