The Tokenization Of The Self: Culture Meets Digitization

Where Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Meets Passion And Pop Cultures

Introduction: Identity Digitized: A New Form In Verifying Human Culture And Passion

Own Your Data: Invest In What You Love: Blockchain Meets Human Culture

It is evident that throughout humankinds history, there have been different ways individuals have identified themselves in association to their own identity and the occupation in which they’re in. Specifically speaking, in our contemporary world, the internet and digital currency have made it possible to tokenize the self: the ability to tokenize ones achievements, music and/or art and allow for fans to participate in your passion is now coming to fruition through multiple blockchain platforms. Digital ownership of ones assets surrounding cultural identification is crucial, as the most valuable market in the world is no longer oil, but data. Digital ownership coincides with the unique ability, which is exclusive to blockchain, that allows individuals to invest in what they love and simultaneously, assist in garnering media reception and exposure to their favorite artists of all kinds.

Likes And Tokenization: Social Status Digitalized

Likes: A Digital Currency Of Its Own That Coincides With The Self

It is evident that the new currency surrounding attention and fame in accordance to social media and social status is the “like” function. The “like” function emphasizes an individuals exposure on the basis of who engages and how many people interact with that specific post. Likes and different emojis associated with digital engagement and conversing between the populace on social media emphasizes how human emotion has become entangled with the social media idealism.

Imagine being able to monetize on your “likes” and interests and assist those who embody your passions. This concept is no longer confined to the imagination: blockchain has enabled this idea to go from an abstract concept to concrete reality. Social movements, specific brands, travel destinations, social media influencers, music artists, specific events, celebrities, painters, sports icons etc. that coincide with your own passions can now be digitized and traded in token form because of different companies within the blockchain sphere who share the same vision. It is important to highlight the intricacies of what trading and tokenizing different passions truly means, so it is incumbent to analyze the different companies that provide this platform of service.

Fyooz: Amalgamating Passions Together In One Marketplace: Stars And Celebrities

Fyooz Emphasizes The Notion Of DeFi Meeting Pop-Culture, But How Does This Work?

Fyooz is a media platform and marketplace that allows anybody to participate in the exchange and tokenization of their passions. In essence, Fyooz allows participants to become monetarily incentivized to invest in what they love and appreciate. Built within the Fyooz application, you can buy FYZ tokens and in minutes, you will be rewarded by the specific star for your loyalty to their work and the person themselves. Fyooz enables individuals to purchase FYZ tokens and invest into anything from an idea, to an event, to a music star, or an artist, there are no limits. Simultaneously, individuals can specifically buy these artists tokens and monetarily benefit from their success, a win-win scenario for the artist and the supporter. Fyooz enables celebrities or artists of any kind to create their own tokens, specifically ERC20 tokens that will be issued and traded on the Fyooz marketplace. Celebrities looking to create these tokens will find the process incredibly easy. The star contacts the Fyooz team which in return will prepare an advisory service which will assist in the issuance of these tokens, ensuring regulatory and monetarily compliance for their jurisdiction and their followers.

Star Token: The Celebrities Cryptocurrency

Issue Your Own Star Token Through Fyooz And Interact With Your Fans!

It is important to highlight the numerous functionalities that could exist for the producers of these star tokens depending on their occupation and the art in which they create. The options are near limitless for the producer which simultaneously benefits the consumer as it creates a symbolic relationship of inclusivity between the star and their followers. Star Tokens can be utilized for a specific brand as an example. Imagine if an apparel brand creates a new shirt that only token holders can buy, or an artist offers token holders exclusive painting lessons: the opportunities are endless. A restaurant can issue food and drink discounts for exclusive token holders or a marketing firm could enable free consulting services for token holders: these are just some of the possibilities that Star Token enables. Token holders could hypothetically, vote upon the location of a specific music venue or a celebrity could have a meet-and-greet session exclusive to token holders. These ideas are no longer bound to the imagination, but a concrete reality through Fyooz.

Star Tokens can be equated to gaining access to a specific club for the most ardent supporters of a specific idea, event or person. As a Star Token holder, being able to interact with a specific celebrity creates a sense of inclusivity between the star and the supporter. This perpetuates and conceives of a special bond that is incentivized to grow on the basis of both monetary gain and emotional connection. Stars can now distinguish who’re truly their active believers vs a passive fanbase.

Socios :A Unique Comparison: Passion Meets Football: Fan Tokens

Where Sports Meets Cryptocurrency: Exclusive Membership For Passionate Believers

Sports as a whole conceive of some of the most ardent and passionate followers seen in the arena of entertainment. Die hard fans embody the spirit and ethos of the teams they love and through a relatively new platform, fans of different sports and the teams that accompany them have become closer than ever before! The Socios blockchain platform is similar to Fyooz in the idea that it allows for fans to become further involved in their passions their pursuance in such.

Through purchasing Fan Tokens on the Socios platform, fans can utilize their tokens to be more than just a fan. Fan Tokens enable holders to actively vote on specific club-decisions. An example of such would be a jersey design, in-stadium entertainment, charity initiatives and much more. Fan Tokens, like Star Tokens, are similar in the idea that they’re in essence, membership tokens that allow for unique access to exclusive content and the participation of governance within their associated passions. An example of VIP exclusive content for those who hold Fan Tokens would be exclusive dug-out access, meet-and-greets with your favorite sports idols, receiving official signed jersey’s and much more! Simultaneously, in comparison to Fyooz, individuals who interact with their team through the Socios Ecosystem can receive monetary rewards, emphasizing the amalgamated ethos of emotional and monetary incentive that both Fyooz and Socios convey and create between Celebrity and active believers.

Conclusion: An Opportunity For Participation: Engage With Your Passion

Passion: A Building Block For Blockchain

Passion is a building block within the blockchain ecosystem that shouldn’t be overlooked. There are many platforms within the blockchain sphere that are creating unique abilities for passionate believers to monetarily and emotionally connect with those that expand upon their beliefs, passions and personal hobbies: from celebrities, to brands, to sports, to small businesses. Imagine a world that connects us with those who facilitate our passions. This connection of the tokenization of the self with passionate followers no longer has to be imagined with the establishment of blockchain technology and the many cryptocurrency start-ups that are perpetuating such visions.

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